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Okay. I was having no end of trouble trying to write anything for the plot I had. Seriously, it was a challenge just to get 4oo words of actual plot written with that one. Though I'm not sure if it's the nature of the scenes I'm writing that doesn't agree with me (Not even any dialogue yet), or my muses are just not interested in it right now. Heh. So about four days into NaNoWriMo, I decided to scrap my entire plot and do an entirely different story. I got over 2000 words written yesterday, and even if I just keep at my usual goal of 2000 words/day, I should be finishing on time. So I'm cautiously optomistic. The story is certainly coming easier.

NaNo-take 2
Temporary Title right now is Hushflutter
I'm not deliberately setting out to write a young adult novel, but considering the sort of story it is, I'm not sure if it would be considered anything else. ^^;
Hushflutter is a young barred owl with an unusual best friend--a wolf named Pinefur. But when Pinefur is seperated from his family, and Hushflutter follows him, the two friends are left on their own in strange territory with only each other to rely on. But there's something wicked in the woods, and Hushflutter may be the one to stop it; but she'll need the help--and the trust--of not only Pinefur, but the she-wolf Sapmuzzle and a mixbreed owl named Merrydive as well. And even they might not be enough when Spirits are involved...

The first two scenes will be in a seperate, friends-locked post.

It's November again...

NaNoWriMo's started again, and like last year, I plan to post snippets from my novel as I work on it. They will all be friends locked, so if you would like to read them and are not already on my friends list, let me know somehow.
This is only a rough draft, so I do not need any advice on spelling/grammar errors or the like, though comments on how I'm doing are still welcome. Editing is for the rest of the year. I'd post what I have so far, but I'm behind and don't really have any complete scenes yet.
Also, this is a different novel than the one I did last year, in a whole different world. It's titled Crow and Raven, and there's a short summary of it below:

Dmitri was a simple thief, until he got it in his head to rob a nobleman's estate, which led to a talking crow inviting himself along as a magic familiar. Suddenly, Dmitri was on the run from the law for "stealing" a familiar, something denied to commoners, and they're not the only ones looking for him--someone wants to use his abilities in revenge against the ruling class, and there's a rebellion brewing as well, one that's being lead by both commonfolk and the aristocrats' familiars searching for freedom.



Nanowrimo starts today. Kinda unprepared for it but that's the best way to start this sort of thing. ^^;
I will be posting snippets of my novel here this year, though they will be friends-locked. The reason is that I'm not at all sure if I'm going to publish this if I do finish it, but just in case, this will increase my chances if I do decide to. This is because posting it online to the public counts as being published, and publishers are not as likely to pick up a book that's already available online, basically. That's not entirely certain, but just in case...
(The site I got this information from, by the way, is: http://www.ivanhoffman.com/first.html)

So, yeah, as long as it's restricted to certain people I choose to let read it, it doesn't count as publicly published. (I'm probably not going to post all of it anyway). If you'd like to read parts of my nano-novel, tell me and I'll add you to my friends list. That's it.

((And, for the curious, here's a completely inadequate summary of my novel. ^^;))
A simple search for Elias's missing sister turns into a fight against a usurper-king planning to invade the other countries. But when he goes to track down the legend of a powerful magic item, things go wrong. Elias is going to need more help.

Werewolf Drabbles

Wonder of Wonders, I actually posted something in here. I didn't feel like messing with FictionPress.
This is a series of drabbles centered around werewolves, using a chart of 100 word prompts. Strictly speaking, they're not actually drabbles since they're not exactly 100 words in length, but meh. Here's the first few.

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Now let's see how long it takes for someone to actually notice this...:P